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Semiconductores Semiconductores
  • Diodos (potencia, schotky, avalancha)
  • Switching Diode,Zener Diode,Schottky Diode,ESD Protection Diode,High Voltage Transistor,Common Transistor, Digital Transistor
  • Gerneral Purpose Rectifier,Fast Recovery Rectifier,Super Fast Recovery Rectifier,Schottky Barrier Rectifier,Transient Voltage Suppressors,Telecommunication Protection Arrestor,Silicon Bidirectional,Bridge Rectifier.
  • Silicon Rectifier,Fast Recovery Rectifier,Supper Fast Recovery Rectifier,Special Diode,Schottky Barrier Rectifier,Telecommunication Protection Arrestor,Transient Voltage Suppressor Silicon Bidirectional,Silicon Varistor,High Voltage diode .
  • Transistores (bajo ruido, potencia)
  • ICs (A/D, D/A, controladores, telecom, TV)
  • FPAA (Field Programmable Analog Array)
  • EPAD (Electrically Programmable Analog Device)
  • Precision Matched Pair Small Signal MOSFET Arrays
  • E-Trimmable Vos @ ULtra low lbias CMOS Operational Amplifiers
  • Energy Harvesting Modules
  • High Accuracy Dual Slope Integrating Analog Processors
  • Digital Controllers for Dual Slope Integrating Analog Processors
  • Low Drift CMOS Timers with High Discharge Output
  • Precision CMOS Voltage Comparator with High Output Current Drivers
  • Dual Precision CMOS Voltage Comparator with Open Drain Output Driver
  • Dual Precision CMOS Voltage Comparator with Push-Pull Driver
  • Ultra Low Charge Injection Low Voltage Analog Switches
  • Ultra Low Vos @ Ultra Low Lbias CMOS Operational Amplifiers
  • Rail to Rail CMOS Operational Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amp. Gain Block IF Amplifier Driver Amp. (<1W) Power Amp. (>1W) CATV Solution
  • IGBT's
  • Modulos triacs,diodos,transistores,tiristores
  • Combo IC DDR Termination Regulators FET Bias Controllers Inverting DC-DC Converter Li-Battery Protection or Charger IC Linear Regulators Low Dropout Linear Regulators Power Factor Control PWM Controller Shunt Reference Regulators Step Down Switching Regulators Step-Up DC-DC Converter and Controller Supervisory Circuit USB Power Switch Voltage Detection and System Reset IC White LED Driver A-D or D-A Converters Alarm /Sound Generator IC Automotive IC Christmas Lamp Controller Interface and Driver Circuit Leakage Current Detector Melody IC Motor Controller IC Mouse & Keyboard Controller Radio and Cassette Recorder Circuit Remote Controller IC Television Circuit
  • Simple Melody ICs , Lamp Brightness control ICs, Multi-tunes Melody ICs , Voice recording / playback ICs, Natural Harmonic ICs, Encoder / Decoder IC, Doorbell ICs , Voice Speech ICs, Wireless Doorbell ICs , LED Flash IC , Sound Effect ICs , Audio Control IC, Siren Sound ICs
  • GPON and BPON semiconductor
  • RF Transformer , ADSL transformers , CURRENT SENSING transformer , PLANAR transformers and inductors
  • Magnetic CORES

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